Beeslack All Stars DSC
"a club for all"

We are a multi sports club for children and young adults with additional support needs and their siblings.  We provide opportunities for personal development and working within a team environment to develop each individual in reaching their potential both within and outwith sport. 

We also provide a support group for parents and are developing a support group for siblings.


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    Beeslack All Stars DSC has been funded by Sported, the UK's leading Sport for Development charity empowering community groups to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people through sport


That time of year again "EXAMS".  The hall will soon be filled with desks and chairs and we will be relocated to the dining hall and drama studio.  Everything will be back to normal come June.

Save the Date 27th June - Fun Run at the Edinburgh Technopole in aid of the sports club.  all hands on deck to take part and help out on the day.  Thanks in advance.

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